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About the Gu Achi Flag

Gu Achi FlagPurple represents the color of the mountains.  In the O’odham Myth it is said that the wind and rain live in the mountains (Same as the Tohono O’odham Nation Flag color, which is where the Gu Achi District is located.  Using the nation’s colors reminds us that we are one of 11 districts under the TON.)

Gold is the color of the Sun which shines bright in our desert homeland.  The Sun, in the myth, is a great man who carries the sun across the sky.  He marks our days and balances the world.

Red is the color of Power and strength.  In many songs of the Gu Achi Cultures, it speaks of red game pieces which give the players the power to move ahead.  Red is the color of the lightening bolt on the rain symbols.  Lightening is powerful and strong.

Red is the color of the people on the design.  The power and strength of the district is in its people/membership.  There are 32 people.  16 are male and 16 are female. 
The people symbols represent 4 elder men, 4 young men, 4 elder women and 4 younger women.  4 x 4 + 16.
There are two clan/moities in the O’odham Culture.  ‘Ma:m’ and ‘Wa:w’ are from the Buzzard(Nu:wi) Clan and ‘Apap’ and ‘Apki’ are from the Coyote(Ban) Clan.  16 people are represented for each clan/moity.  16 x 2 + 32 people in the symbol

Green is the color of the land after the rain blessing.  Green is also the color of our maker I’itoi, as is sung in the song language.  On the flag, the outline of the Gu Achi District lands is marked with green, on the main reservation and Florence Community.

Gu Achi District Office


  • HC 1 Box 8713
  • Sells, AZ 85634
  • Phone: (520) 361-2404
  • Phone: (520) 383-8948
  • Office Hours: Mon - Fri 8AM - 5PM

Gu Achi District Seal


About Gu Achi District

On Reservation: 1,360
Off Reservation: 1,455
Total Enrollment: 2,815

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